About Rosa

Hi there!

I’m Rosa Damroo, a PhD student working in the field of neuroscience. In the brief time I have been involved with research, I’ve found several things on which we can improve. I’m setting up this blog in which I hope to explore the issues we face in the academic world. Issues like open access, importance of citation and impact factor, quality of publications due to pressure to publish, funding, methodological problems, politics we face in the department or in the field and any general dishonesty we come across and how the spirit of research can survive them.

I’m looking for more authors to get more voices, perspectives especially from fields different to mine. You could contribute with your own experiences, or send in links once in a while of related topics other people have written about so we can ‘reblog’ and discuss, or if you’re very enthusiastic, you can even become a regular author with more than a few contributions. I hope that by voicing issues we all go through, we can come closer to making real changes.

If you’d like to contribute to this blog with your own perspectives and experiences, please do get in touch!



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